90% of users report less wrist pain in 2 weeks

Here’s how it works.



Wrist Angle Sensors connect through Bluetooth to the WristAlert smartphone app



WristAlert measures your wrist angle constantly and the app gives you advice, tips, and tricks to reducing your pain



When you have bad posture, WristAlert CTS Smart Guard vibrates and beeps.



Our therapy program uses the sleeve motion sensors to help you exercise properly.

WristAlert CTS Smart Guard

The sleeve has wrist angle measurement sensors and provides vibration alerts when you have damaging wrist posture. The sensors connect to a wrist wellness and physical therapy program within an app.

People love their WristAlert.

People are using WristAlert to improve their posture and reduce hand and wrist pain.

“Laptop work always hurts my wrists, but WristAlert watches over me to make sure I get the proper wrist posture and exercises.”

Elle N.Medical Student, Happy WristAlert User

“After years of gaming, my wrists are always hurting. WristAlert helps reduce the pain”

Aaron S.Gamer, Happy WristAlert User

“I’ve experienced wrist pain before because of my hand’s bad posture while typing paper works. When I discovered WristAlert, I couldn’t be happier.”

Barbara M.Happy WristAlert User

“I was able to make having good posture a habit with WristAlert’s help. It vibrates to remind me to have good posture every time my hand is in a bad position.”

Karen H.Happy WristAlert User

“Wristalert helped maintain good posture while at work. I’m a painter and sometimes, the demand of work makes me careless of how I do things. I started feeling pain in my wrist and it disturbs me a lot at work. Gladly, there’s wristalert.”

Donna P.Happy WristAlert User

“I never thought having good posture can do so much for my daily work efficiency. Now that I feel no pain in my wrist and I’ve built the habit of maintaining good posture in everything I do, I’m able to perform work more effectively and produce better results. Thanks to WristAlert”

Kaitlyn P.Happy WristAlert User

“Carpal tunnel pain has affected my work and finances a great deal for the past year. Now, I can say good bye to CTS because I’ve got WristAlert to help me maintain good hand posture and prevent wrist injuries. It’s an amazing product!”

Denise H.Happy WristAlert User

“As a dentist, my work requires me to perform repetitive actions on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons why I had to suffer from wrist injury for months. Good thing a friend introduced me to WristAlert. This device trained me to keep a good posture in every task I perform for my clients. I’m a happy user, and I definitely recommend it!”

Dr. Emma R.Dentist, Happy WristAlert User

“I’ve been unaware of my posture all my life. Being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome affected my work so much, more so, my finances. The medication and rehabilitation was expensive. Then I came across a post that lead me to Wristalert. I get to maintain good hand posture while wearing the sleeve to continue my rehabilitation. A solution that’s less costly, I love it. ”

Theresa B.Happy WristAlert User

“Has anyone seen the wrist exercise from WristAlert’s app? Well if you haven’t yet, you better try them. They’re easy to perform, and fun, too! You can do the exercises anytime, as long as you’re wearing the smart guard and you have your phone with you. ”

Logan S.Happy WristAlert User

“I can now say goodbye to carpal tunnel syndrome and all other expenses it must have cost me if I didn’t find Wristalert. It’s truly worth the price because it’s effective and very useful for me.”

Olivia S.Developer

“WristAlert has definitely won my heart. I’ve always been worried about the injuries that my work can cause me. I work in the office for more than eight hours a day, and sometimes, work some more at home. The discovery of WristAlert was a good news for me. Now, I get to train myself to maintain good posture while working on my laptop. ”

Diana S.Web Developer & Designer

Save money by maintaining good posture and preventing work-related injuries. Be alert, wear WristAlert.

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