Install the WristAlert CTS Smart Guard App

Start training your hand posture and tracking your daily progress with our mobile app.

Download and install the free app

The app displays a Posture screen that calculates the total time spent while you’re wearing WristAlert. At the same time, it compares the total amount of time you’ve had bad and good posture, and displays them for you to see.

Track your progress

Be updated of your daily progress by checking it from the Progress tab. You’ll find a chart created for each day of tracking. The charts will show you a specified statistics of your daily posture comparing it from Bad, to Average, and to Good. Each hour of good posture gains you 1 point. You may also check your overall progress in the same tab where you can find a chart which compares and displays the same statistics.

Exercise your wrist

Earn points by maintaining good posture on a daily basis. In the Healing tab, you’ll find a list of exercises that you can unlock with certain number of points. We made the exercises even more exciting and fun by converting them to short games that you’ll surely enjoy.

Train with a community

In the app, you’ll find Profile page. This is where your basic information is displayed along with your overall exercise stats. Also see other users’ progress in the same page. The stats include the total time of exercise and good and bad posture percentage comparison.

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