Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like putting the sleeve on?

It takes seconds to put on the sleeve.  It’s like slipping on a loose fitting, comfortable glove. It feels like you’re getting a little hug over your hand and wrist.

Is it uncomfortable?

It is non-restrictive and non-compression fit. You can wear it all day and night. Our users regularly wear it to sleep because it is so comfortable.

What do the sensors do?

The sensors measure your wrist and forearm angle. They connect to a smart phone app where you can get advice and personalized exercises to help you heal.

Is this validated?

We have validated the accuracy to medical grade goniometers. The exercises we have integrated into the system are all recommended from facilities like Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic. We have taken proven industry methods for reducing wrist pain and put it into our system, a convenient and easy-to-use smartphone app and wrist sleeve.

Who endorses this product?

We have multiple physical therapists and physical therapist firms that use and help had a helping hand in developing WristAlert.

What is the battery life and how long does it take to charge?

It lasts for 12 hours and takes 20 minutes!

How does it charge?

It charges like a smartphone.