How WristAlert Works

WristAlert CTS Smart Guard is fairly easy to use, and the data displayed in the app is accurate and useful. It's recommended by physical therapists and doctors across and outside US.

1. Purchase your own WristAlert.

As a gift, your WristAlert CTS Smart Guard comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

2. Install WristAlert App

For both iOS and Android users, download and install the app on your mobile phone and sync the device’s settings.

3. Wear the device

Wear the device on your hand. Unlike other wrist bands, WristAlert sleeve fits perfectly and is totally comfortable to wear. You don’t have to worry about it not going along with your outfit, because it works together pretty well.

4. Get alerts when in bad posture

The sleeve vibrates when your hand is in bad posture. And the app gives accumulated data to compare the amount of times you’re in good posture compared to the times you’re not.

5. Train your mind and hand

You get alerts when you’re in bad posture, but the posture training won’t work unless you get into the habit of practicing good posture. Understand the data, and be willing to change your hand position in the way you do things.

Learn more about how WristAlert CTS Smart Guard can help you prevent injury by just maintaining good posture

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